Leadership game – “Hur skulle du säga?"

Ort: Helsingborg
Plats: CreativeLAB (Mindpark)
Bredgatan 11
25225 Helsingborg
Datum: 2014-09-16
Tid: 17:30-19:30

Leadership game – “Hur skulle du säga?®” /"What would you say?"
Hos: Mikael Berggren/ Johan Sporre

The game “Hur skulle du säga?” /"What would you say?" for Project Managers is a card game that trains the participants in expressing themselves to overcome troublesome daily situations. In interaction with the other participants, you get feedback, rewards or penalties on your communication skills.

The card game is also available for managers, sales reps and co-workers. It has has been used in groups of up to 100 participants.

The game will be played in both Swedish and English.

Typ: Seminarie
Kostnad: Gratis.
Avbokningsbar: Nej
Max antal deltagare: 30
Bokningsstatus: 12/30
PDU-poäng: 2
Aktivitetsansvarig: Dimitrij Aleshkov
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